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The story of how PhatKatZ came to be.

The original Fat tire beach cruiser has arrived in the Philippines.

The first time I saw images of a phat cruiser bike was about a year ago. I did my research and learned that the design was American, from Arizona to be exact. I contacted the manufacturing plant and entered into talks. After some discussion I boarded a plane to China to see firsthand the manufacturing plant and view the very first PhatKatBikes. The manufacturing plant was huge, clean and well run.

The moment I set eyes on the PhatKats I knew I had found something very special.  I had a huge smile on my face and was very pleased with the looks of the bike. I tested the bikes out for some time and again I was pleased on how the bike handled on just about all surfaces. I was expecting a bike with such large tires to feel heavy but this was not the case.  The bike felt nimble and very comfortable to ride.

The deal was made I was going to introduce the very first Phat Beach cruisers to the Philippines. Upon my return from China June 09 2014 I brought 2 sample bikes to see what others reactions would be. The peoples reaction to the

PhatKatZ was nothing short of amazing. Everywhere I went crowds would gather, grown men, women and children would be smiling, pointing and laughing in amazement, saying words like Maganda, Laki Laki  so beautiful etc… I would even have kids following me as I rode my PhatKat.

As luck had it the very next day Juan for all and all for Juan was filming an episode of Eat Bulaga in Sampaloc San Rafael Bulican where I was living.  The film crew spotted myself riding a PhatKat and asked if they could use it for the show, I agreed without hesitation. Within a few days after the show orders started coming in, much thanks goes to Jose, Wally and the show.  The rest is history sales continue to grow as the bikes get more exposer. We are still the only production Fat cruiser here in the Philippines and the lowest priced fat bike. So don’t you think it’s about time you got Phat!


★ Bike Specifications ★

Frame: high tensile steel argon gas mig welded
Forks: high tensile tube style
Headset: standard bearing type
Handle bars: steel ape hangers black
Handle bar stem: aluminum alloy BMX style
Chain stay: steel 40 teeth
Crank assembly: 3 piece steel
Seat post: tube steel black
Chain guard: stamped steel
Chain: KMC
Rims: 26×4.0 aluminum alloy single wall
Hubs: rear High stop coaster brake, front matching.  36 hole
Tires: 36×4.0 WANDA with inner tube Schrader valve type
Rear sprocket: steel 16 teeth
Pedals: high density plastic mountain bike style
Seat: cruiser style comfort seat sprung.
Total weight: 25 kg

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